• Claire Ledgard

    Claire Ledgard

    Líder de Experiencia y Product Design Leader. #UX #Researcher #Coach #Overthinker. De Barcelona, con base en Chile.

  • Tom Devlin

    Tom Devlin

    Founder and Principal Researcher at UserLab

  • Nicole Riesenberger

    Nicole Riesenberger

    #UX Researcher at Huge.

  • Manish Lad

    Manish Lad

    softeng mgr @BBC_News_Labs, interested in team culture, software development and network infrastructure

  • Katie Mae Martin

    Katie Mae Martin

    UXer ▪︎ dessert mystic ▪︎ feminist ▪︎ metaller

  • Malaya Lakas

    Malaya Lakas

    🏳️‍⚧️ she/her. Clinical UX Design student.

  • Raquel Luís 🪁

    Raquel Luís 🪁

    UX Designer & lifelong learner. 🤓 Focused on developing my skills in Usability & Design Systems. Interested in calligraphy, sound design, music & education.

  • Manaal Oomerbhoy

    Manaal Oomerbhoy

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